Letters to the Editor

Be grateful for Rauner’s success

A friend once told me, “People will forgive you for most anything except being successful.” Through the years, I’ve learned that this adage is, sadly, true.

A perfect example is Gov. Bruce Rauner. Most articles about his efforts in Springfield call him a “millionaire” or describe him as “being wealthy,” using these labels to paint him in a negative way. I believe he should be commended, not criticized, for being successful in his private life. As far as I know, no one handed him his wealth. I’m sure it was achieved by hard work, common sense, capable decision making, etc. These are the attributes that not only lead to success but make great leaders.

Shouldn’t we be thankful we have a governor who has been successful and has extensive business and leadership experience that he can draw upon in office? I wonder where our country might be now if President Obama possessed such qualities. Hopefully, our next president will.

Michael L. Lukens