Letters to the Editor

Freedom under fire?

Is President Obama’s political agenda hostile to First Amendment freedom?

An April 2008 Obama campaign statement (buried by most media) may reveal his true attitude toward conservative Christians. Obama stated: “They (Christians) cling to guns and religion and have an antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.” A chronological review of Obama’s actions might reveal the impact Obama’s statement in the federal workplace.

• October 2010. Obama, on the first of seven public occasions, omitted the words “the creator” while quoting the Declaration of Independence.

• April 2013. A Pennsylvania Army Reserve soldiers’ briefing placed “Evangelical Christianity,” “Catholicism,” and “orthodox Judaism” on an extremist list with “al-Qaida“ and “Hamas.”

• August 2013. A Department of Defense training manual asserts that Americans supporting “individual liberties and states’ rights” are “extremists.” “The Founding Fathers those colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule” are “examples of extremist ideologies and movements.”

• October 2013. Briefing at Fort Hood states: “Evangelical Christians are threats to Americans. Soldiers donating to such groups may be punished according to UCMJ.” The words “Islamic terrorists” and “jihad” were dropped from the curriculum.

Do people support our government’s new vision for our religious freedom? Are groups who don’t support Obama’s socialist agenda targeted?

Philip W. Chapman