Letters to the Editor

Post pictures of cats, too

I was very pleased to hear about the changes being made at St. Clair County Animal Control. They will now be taking pictures of every stray dog that comes through their building and posting them online for owners to look through. This will be extremely beneficial to owners who’ve lost beloved dogs.

However, I was so disappointed to find out that they will not be doing the same for cats. This is totally unacceptable. It takes only a few minutes to snap a photo through the cage door and put it online. Cat owners deserve the chance to see and claim their pets. In fact, lost felines are harder to find, making this change all the more important for them.

I am appreciative of some of the employees at Animal Control who fight hard daily for change and have really helped decrease the euthanasia numbers, but this is an oversight that needs to be corrected immediately.

Melissa Janes