Letters to the Editor

Ferguson case doesn’t fit the narrative

Let me put the Justice Department’s findings in layman’s terms:

Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson acted properly to ensure his safety and the safety of the community in which he served. Wilson tried to avoid having to use deadly force while still acting in accordance with his duty on that particular day, and any other day.

It is unfortunate that the Justice Department ran to judge and possibly contributed to ruining this young policeman’s career. Equally unfortunate is that the Justice Department will choose not to prosecute the media for portraying the false narrative that was reported through so many different news organizations and repeated by the Obama administration.

Today is a sad day for America in the fact that not only did a young man lose his life that day but that the Justice Department, the administration and many in mainstream media contributed to Wilson being falsely accused repeatedly and without merit for doing what most citizens considered reasonable under the circumstances. After examining all the facts, sworn testimony, and interviewing everyone who could have possibly shed a negative light on this situation (but within fact and reason) have decided that Wilson did exactly what was expected of him, no more and no less.

We realize now that this case was not the case to try to drive the narrative that racial discrimination runs rampant in police departments all across America – the narrative that our Justice Department has tried so hard to portray so many times.

Kent Fehrmann