Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Greenwald

Two unsigned letters appeared in the Belleville News-Democrat complaining about Ward 3Alderman Scott Greenwald’s wood pile along his driveway. One letter stated it put a blight on the neighborhood. The response from the city was that no law had been broken.

One alderman was not satisfied and asked for the Planning Committee to discuss the subject and the outcome was: No city code had been broken.

Greenwald placed a beautiful red bow on the wood pile. If a wood pile is all anyone can complain about, then he has done a great job of representing the residents of Ward III and all the residents of the city. When a resident calls him and has a complaint or question. he responds immediately whether the resident is in his Ward or not.

He attends all of the meetings and serves on numerous committees. He is chairman of Public Works and serves on the Law Enforcement, Finance and Insurance committees. He also volunteers his time and money for the Senior Day Picnic and Homecoming. He supports the “Miracle League” and donates to other worthy causes in our city.

I strongly urge Greenwald be re-elected in the upcoming citywide election in April. He is doing a great job for our city.

Lydia E. Cruez

Fairview Heights