Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on ISIS

In response to a letter from Frankie Seaberry: News stations are reporting that teenagers are doing what they can to get to Iraq and join ISIS. What makes her think that Americans are getting brainwashed to send their kids over to Iraq? Parents are not doing anything like that. When their kids manage to head over there, parents are doing everything they can to get the kids back.

As for people talking patriotism, well, if there was a reason to mention it these days, I sure would. That should give her a clue that people don’t think of President Obama the way only she and a few other Democrats do.

As for ISIS, Obama needs to do something more as so many people are getting killed. From what I understand, 70 more people have been taken prisoner and will probably be killed. How many more will be dead before they are stopped? Or maybe she doesn’t mind ISIS making their way here to the U.S. and killing a bunch of us.

Lori Felts