Letters to the Editor

Government gets in the way

The financial problem Illinois is having is directly related to big government greed and moral corruption.

Take the recent article in which it is found that state university employees’ children receive half of their tuition free just because Mommy or Daddy works for the school. Why? Why?

This is just one of many examples of when added up are sinking the state with its gazillion dollars of pension debt and benefits to employees and it is exponentially growing. Union benefits, entitlement attitude and knowing it’s just about impossible to get rid of you once you’re in the club.

I don’t know how many readers get out of state once in a while, but business is booming in other states nearby because the government is not the biggest consumer of goods there and make it welcome for outside businesses to want to set up shop.

As Gov. Bruce Rauner said: “A lot of our government is not run for your benefit. It’s run for the benefit of the people in government.” That should be on the welcome to Illinois signs. Forget about big oil and big corporations because big government rules them all.

Brent Rains