Letters to the Editor

Hear Netanyahu’s message

Out of all the babble from the towers of Washington came one clear voice. This voice was not the practiced voice that speaks yet says nothing, but a voice for the American public to understand without all the carefully worded rhetoric.

Moses was never known as a practiced speaker, yet his words were clear as a bell, and in the end all his words were manifest, much to the pharaoh’s loathing. The pharaoh of hardened heart was too deluded in his own power to have understood what was so clear to everyone else.

What is interesting is that many of the commentators transposed the voice from their own Towers of Babel until it was no longer recognizable. The Towers of Babel have long had their language confounded by ignorance in following the delusions of a pharaoh whose self-light has overshadowed a divine truth.

America does not have to heed the anointed voice of Israel only to choose the offenses of the pharaoh, but I happen to remember how this story ends and I would rather be walking through the parted waters than swallowed in the tsunami aft.

Rebecca O’Connor