Letters to the Editor

A woman’s view

What qualifies BND letter writer Roddy D. Riggs to know “the mindset of the liberal woman,” then proceed to insult half of the population, liberal or conservative? He should never run for a political office since his portrayal has denigrated most voting women.

I hope that the woman who labored to bring this man into this world doesn’t read this diatribe. It demonstrates a lack of intellect and a misogynistic attitude.

Men can get those little blue pills/Viagra so they can maintain their partying lifestyle at any age with these “liberal women,” then walk away without any responsibility of procreation? It’s the female’s responsibility because she was of loose character?

His portrayal of an Ivy League education illustrates he is out of touch. If he ever applied to an Ivy League school, he would know that you don’t get in with just your good looks.

How dare he question equal pay for equal work with his idea that a woman should not expect the same pay as a “CEO of a major corporation.” As a woman who went to college, had and mothered two children, ran a household, cooked, cleaned, paid bills and also prepared for the next day’s work, I can personally speak to this.

How can this man deem I should make less money for the same work/decision making as a man?

Kay Zacharski