Letters to the Editor

U.S. is too accommodating

I appreciated the letter March 4 by Brent Rains in which he clarified his position on ISIS and the Democrats and the liberal left. His comments were most sensible.

Rains was right in saying that our schools and universities are teaching that all cultures are valid and must be understood and appreciated and that such teachings come under “celebrating diversity” and multiculturalism. That is what brings about our “screwed up culture,” as described by Rains.

The main problems with our country are that we are trying to accommodate too many diverse cultures and we are too sensitive to world opinion.

People who wish to live in our country should be required to learn and respect our laws and learn our language. We should also make clear to them that we are not going to modify our laws, language or culture to accommodate theirs. If people of other cultures do not like our country for what it is, they should be made aware of every means by which to leave it.

Frank B. Austin