Letters to the Editor

Accurate view of GOP

A recent letter writer took exception to an opinion of mine and called me a liar, saying that “I probably don’t know any Republicans and have never heard one say they hate women or black people.” Another Sound-off coward (caller) called me asinine and said she voted for qualified people. What does the way she votes have to do with Republicans hating minorities?

Republicans don’t have to say a word because they show their disdain and hatred by constantly voting against the interests of Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, gays, immigrants, women and other minorities. I should have said Republicans hate all minorities. Republicans vote against minimum wages, equal pay, gay rights, universal health care, voters' rights, immigration reform and any other issue that benefits minorities or the working men and women of America. Republicans’ animosity and hatred toward minorities is overshadowed only by their hatred of unions.

One only needs to listen to Fox News to hear the rants and nonsense of the racists, bigots and homophobes of the Republican Party who constantly vote for the rich over minorities. This Republican Congress will continue to prove its hatred by its votes.

And by the way, I know many Republicans. My best friend is a Republican and he indeed hates women and black people.

Michael Ray Dillier