Letters to the Editor

Patriot or terrorist?

Supposedly those of us who are legal citizens and believe the Constitution is the law of this United States of America are known as patriots.

Supposedly there are Americans who believe the Constitution needs to be changed or eliminated, and these legal Americans should be known as ….

Our ancestors all came from somewhere else, except for Native Americans, and our ancestors became legal citizens, unlike the 9 million to 11 million illegal aliens supposedly in the U.S. now.

We have Americans who adhere to the Constitution, and then we have Americans who demand, riot, etc., wanting justice. So who really did more for all the people, George Washington Carver or Martin Luther King Jr.? Whatever King did achieve has been discredited by marches that turned into riots and property destruction (Ferguson, Mo.). Yes, changes are needed, an ongoing process since the beginning of time.

Some representatives and senators at the federal and state levels want the Second Amendment done away with. We have already lost some freedom of speech under the First Amendment because of political correctness and homeland security.

So there are Americans who are patriots and Americans who are ….

Hopefully the 2016 elections will have God-fearing candidates, patriots running for federal, state and county positions. Read, listen, discuss and vote.

Burnell J. Petry