Letters to the Editor

Revive spirit of America

Where is John Wayne when you need him?

We will never again see Wayne brazenly swaggering down a dusty street with a hogleg strapped to his right thigh; we won’t see him snort at the hollow threats of a dirty desperado; we won’t see him singlehandedly send any more bad guys to kingdom come. No, our larger-than-life hero has left us. But this spirit, as muted as it has become by immersion in the cesspool of political correctness, remains with us, smoldering and close to re-ignition.

America is, and always has been, a special place. And strangely enough, the glitter and tinsel of Hollywood have sometimes created a true picture of American greatness. America never, ever, cowers in fear; America does not appease; America always leads; America always acts decisively; America unflinchingly crushes the enemies of democracy without apology.

For one glorious moment, the reality of America and the fictionalized accounts of a Hollywood hero were merged into the magnificence of truth – truth that caused foes to flee without firing a shot; truth that shattered evil; truth that unashamedly pulsed with the raw power of unquestioned world supremacy.

America must no longer elect candidates because “it is time” to elect a person of a certain color or gender. Whatever a person’s political affiliation, 2016 must be the year when America finds and elects a president who once again possesses the real spirit of America.

Chris Tabing