Letters to the Editor

Agreed, use same standards

I couldn't believe it, but I found myself agreeing with something letter writer Frankie Seaberry included in one of her recent letters. We do need to quit the double standards. I am in full agreement that this needs to be done.

Therefore, the same criticism of President Bush that flew from liberals’ lips throughout the country stands on equal footing with those criticisms of the current president. No cries of racism or claims of prejudice should be directed toward conservative writers. Bad policy is bad policy.

If a young Caucasian can act rebelliously toward law enforcement and face the consequences, so can a young African-American. It's called respect for authority.

Where is the public apology for former Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson? The evidence clearly showed he was in the right, but not a peep from the liberal media. Talk about double standards.

If we can work on these few double standards, we can then work on others. Ready to change the world?

James J. Price