Letters to the Editor

States rights at issue

I disagree with letter writer Russell Fette’s premise that states should wield more power than the federal government. Our country is too vast to allow each state to do its own thing. It would be helter-skelter if individual states wielded more power than the federal government. Some rogue states might make undercover deals with enemy nations; end public education; deny citizens health care, reinstitute slavery, etc.

Doesn’t Fette know the Founding Fathers put a system in place guaranteeing each state equal representation via its senators and congressmen?

Fette said the Founding Fathers limited the powers of the federal government because they believed in the inalienable rights of individuals to choose their own destiny. I’d like to know when the federal government denied Fette his inalienable rights in choosing his own destiny.

Letter writer Bill Malec criticized President Obama for using his executive power of veto. What does Malec expect the president to do when too many members of Congress are like spoiled brats, too selfish to pass one law benefiting the majority of Americans?

Malec said the president thinks the dream team he put together is smarter than the elected members of Congress. So do I. Malec also stated that Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Garrett, and I believe Obama has the Midas touch. With all the low-down abuse, ridicule and denigration he has suffered during his six years in office, and still remains kind spirited, I’d say he has the godly touch.

Frankie Seaberry