Letters to the Editor

Debt’s no laughing matter

It seems some recent BND letter writers are quite adept at writing outlandish comedy. Among them, Joseph Reichert seems to have also graduated from the laughable “blame everybody else” school of accounting to deflect the growing national debt problem away from our president.

Yes, President Bush raised the national debt by at least $5 trillion. People lost jobs, money and more, but that doesn’t mitigate current liabilities. January 2009 the national debt stood at $10 trillion and change, now it is $18 trillion plus. Sorry to say no amount of kabuki accounting, political hocus-pocus, or legerdemain can absolve President Obama’s administration of that responsibility. Neither can blaming a now conveniently Republican Congress, making irrelevant comparisons to Greece, or muddling the national debt figure with lower annual spending debt numbers.

The last are completely different balances, but not mutually exclusive. You can’t measure anything against the national debt to minimize it except to pay it back with annual surpluses, not less annual deficit spending, which still adds to it. And while one may argue it is better to spend on domestic issues than wars, debt is debt and it’s still piling up.

Unfortunately for these “blame Bush” shock troops, they can’t crawl out from under the fact that Obama is ironically a victim of his own rhetoric. He is, in respect to managing the national debt, much more into the Bank of China, and therefore just as “unpatriotic” as former President Bush.

Mars Eghigian