Letters to the Editor

Build peace with strong defense

Good news. The Democrats (who else?) have proposed another worthwhile government agency for us to fund. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. (where else?) proposes the establishment of the Department of Peacebuilding. The agency would be dedicated to peace making and organizing peace days throughout the world. A prime function is to develop new approaches for dealing with violence, including handguns. (I’m shocked.)

Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus need to work on their own communities, addressing crime, family breakdown, Gangsta rap, out of wedlock births and drugs.

Conveniently, the bill doesn’t ask for a specific budget amount but would be funded by “such sums as may be necessary.” Whew, I feel better already. Noteworthy: It doesn’t mention that funding for any federal agency often runs into the tens of billions of dollars. Do not doubt that President will fast track this bill as it will fit right in with his agenda for our military. He’s firing high ranking military left and right daily.

What’s next, Woodstock part deux? Sitting on the capitol steps singing “Kumbaya?”

I suggest their theme song be “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” and their motto, “We Come in Peace.” Their headquarters would be built in the shape of a heart, with Dr. Phil as Secretary of Hugs, and Al Sharpton as ambassador of Race Relations.

George Washington said, “The surest method of preserving peace is to be prepared for war.”

Roddy D. Riggs