Letters to the Editor

Shrine property isn’t blighted

Recently you printed two letters (the latest on Wednesday) which are totally unsupported by the facts. Their common theme was that development on the property across from the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows would be ill-advised.

I was director of the Shrine for six years. I have consulted three other former directors. Collectively, we represent 28 years of supervisory responsibility for that property. None of us has any recollection of any flooding or reports of flooding on said property. It is also the case that even a cursory inspection of that property would show the topography is such as to render flooding extremely unlikely.

With appropriate soil testing before construction, the danger of subsidence is virtually negligible. Evidence of that is the fact that almost 20 years ago the Missionary Association built a large building on that site. There has been no evidence of subsidence.

William P. Clark