Letters to the Editor

If at first you don’t succeed ...

My son was becoming discouraged. He was playing with a toy airplane. When he would toss it, the flight ended shortly in front of him. The plane kept diving into the ground.

We were at a Cub Scout event practicing for a competition for a prize. When it came time for the competition, he didn’t want to do it. He was convinced there was no use to try. I pleaded with him just try one more time. When it was his turn he did. Just like before the plane dove right in front of him. But this time just before it hit the ground it flew up, did a grandiose loop and then glided about 10 feet. His toss won first prize.

That was about eight years ago and to this day when my son gets discouraged, I remind him of that airplane toss.

Many people become discouraged in life when they are unsuccessful. There is a group of people who say college isn’t for everybody and some get discouraged in fear they will never find success in their career. College is a short cut around on the job training. I know. I went. I know plenty of people who achieved much more than I who never entered a college classroom.

Success is born with having a vision of what can be accomplished and the way to achieve it.

You do not have to be educated to be successful. What you have to do to be successful is try. Again.

Brad Sewell