Letters to the Editor

Abortion takes its toll

“Where have all the flowers gone?” Remember that tune from the 1960s? Now we sing, “Where have all the consumers gone?”

All hell has broken loose. In February, the Nightly Business Report on PBS had a segment on the ongoing slump of sales by consumers ages 14 to 50 in the carbonated beverage and fast-food, multi-billion dollar industry. The guest analyst’s final conclusion of the “why” flashed on the TV screen: population decline (a euphemism for abortion). I was shocked. Sixty million consumers and contributors to society have been aborted in the United States since 1973.

Perhaps, sadly, people may not be moved by the atrocity of killing pre-born babies. Will corporate America and shareholders be moved by financial loss due to the “population decline?”

God sent Jonah to godless Nineveh with a wake-up call. They repented. What is our wake-up call? Will the corporate world, its stockholders, socialists, etc., choose God’s law, our God-given right to life?

Please pray. And contact your legislator.

Esther Koch

President, Clinton County Citizens for Life