Letters to the Editor

Put women on equal footing with IRS

Every March during Women’s History Month, our country recognizes strong women and the way in which females have improved the world through their accomplishments and aspirations. I feel that, as a nation, we have come a long way in creating equal opportunities and recognition for everyone, regardless of gender. However, I do not feel that this equal vision applies to the Internal Revenue Service.

Each year in February, I have my taxes prepared by a professional. I file jointly with my husband. He signs where it says “Taxpayer 1.” I sign where it says “Spouse.”

I pay taxes from my part-time job. I pay taxes when I purchase groceries and clothes. I pay taxes, too. Why does it say “Spouse” instead of “Taxpayer 2?”

The tax system language is archaic and in need of a 21st century update. In addition to being a step forward in gender equality for women, I believe this would also facilitate a simpler categorization of gay marriages into the tax system. “Taxpayer 2” would be a gender and role neutral classification yet still descriptive enough to imply a familial relationship for documentation purposes.

Heidi Wiechert