Letters to the Editor

Election math doesn’t compute

A recent anonymous Sound-off caller requested I do the math regarding the costs to absorb the East St. Louis Board of Elections. OK.

When I was in school, $100,000 minus the $65,000 cost does not equal a $25,000 savings. It amounts to a $35,000 savings. Yearly estimates incurred each year for additional personnel places the costs at no less than $120,000. There goes the $25,000 savings.

Next, the county will be required to buy optical scanners, voting booths and visually impaired displays for each precinct in East St. Louis. The system used by East St. Louis and the county are not compatible; some may be able to be retrofitted, but don’t count on it. These costs have been conservatively been placed between $415,000 and $800,000.

The yearly costs of storing environmental factors, the buying of additional supplies, ballots, man hours and Election Day costs will place this amount near or over $800,000. That supposed $25K savings sure disappeared in a hurry in real costs.

Any idea what the unfunded state mandate to increase jury pay will cost each of us? To the uninformed, anonymous Sound-off caller: Do the math.

Joseph N. English