Letters to the Editor

Making Eckert’s vision a reality

Mayor Mark Eckert cares about Belleville. He cares about its people, its businesses and its future. It is a shame that a handful of disgruntled citizens have managed to cause him so much stress and agony as he struggles to carry out his vision for the city.

It is his vision that has helped bring us two new shopping centers, a new streetscape and a booming downtown. It is his vision that has helped to transform Belleville over the past decade into a place we can be proud of. Among other things, it is his vision and effort that will bring the new Shrine development and make Belleville a destination for the region. Amazingly, he has accomplished these things mostly with a contentious City Council behind him.

Eckert tirelessly supports local business, drops anything to help fix a problem, and never takes a break from working toward a better city. To continue his efforts and keep making Belleville a place we want to live, the voter apathy has to stop. We need to elect aldermen who are willing to work with him to make the city successful. To make this happen it is essential that everyone votes on April 7.

I don’t support Eckert simply because I am lucky enough to call him my father, I support him because I have witnessed firsthand how much respect he receives and how many friends admire the direction in which he is leading the city.

On April 7 don’t vote against the naysayers, but vote for the continued betterment of Belleville.

Kate Eckert