Letters to the Editor

More reporting needed on consolidation

The pending consolidation of the East Alton Wood River school districts could have a major impact on the communities they serve. The BND published an article that covered the announcement that it would be on the April 7 ballot and now citizens believe it is already decided because it was in the newspaper. I think the BND should be a good citizen and give Linda Hoffman, the spokesperson for Save Our Schools 2015, an opportunity to provide the facts about the upcoming votes.

This turns into a community service issue because the BND is being seen as an instrument that is an absolute source and the paper has published only information that people’s taxes would drop by one-half (not true; Wood River and Hartford would see about a 12 percent increase) and the 2001 attempt only lost by 12 votes (not true; consolidation lost by 104 votes).

Tom Dale

Wood River