Letters to the Editor

Send protesters the bill for damages

The protesters and hate mongers are responsible for the endangerment of others when they congregate on public streets or in public places.

The many police and first responders who arrive to aid in any rioting/looting/fires/injuries and the various news and TV reporters who enter the scene (to give “breaking news”) are also risking their lives to make sure the truth is shown for all concerned. The public has a right to know.

The protesters and all who did any damages should be arrested and forced to pay for and clean up the mess they created; causing more burden on the taxpayers, who were not even in that area or in that county.

Violence anywhere does affect everyone, everywhere. The guilty ones should have to pay. Ferguson, Mo., is not the only town on this planet that has problems. It’s global.

Who/what group is gaining from all the negative publicity? Who/what group is trying to destroy our freedom-loving country? (Those who don’t like it here are free to go elsewhere. No one will force them to stay.)

Elizabeth L. Hettick

East Carondelet