Letters to the Editor

Worthy candidate in Caseyville

If residents of Caseyville have not received a flier depicting Jackie Mitchell as a worthy candidate to serve as a Casyville trustee, I will go over some of the points for them.

We have had excellent service from most of our elected officials in the past, but there is always room for improvement.

We have had dedicated service from such elected officials as George Chance, Kerry Davis, Pat Dyson, Ron Tamburello and Bill Black Sr., to name a few.

We certainly do not need another fiasco such as the handling of the Police Chief Jose Alvarez situation. It was eventually corrected in an excellent fashion by the appointment of Frank Moore to chief of police.

We need a few other changes and improvements within our village and Mitchell will certainly help with her business experience. She will also hear the complaints and suggestions from the people and they will all be handled in an unbiased business way.

We do need our residents to fill job vacancies when possible. Mitchell will work toward that end. There has, in the past, been some head butting among elected officials. However, Mitchell will work with these people and not in competition with them. She will instill an “us” mentality instead of an “I, my and me” way to resolve issues.

People who do not vote on Election Day have no beef coming about any aspect of government.

Come on, folks, vote. It is your right and privilege.

Bill Conklin