Letters to the Editor

Speak up about proposed burning ban in Swansea

The proposed ordinance to ban the burning of landscape waste, leaves, tree limbs, garden refuse, etc. will be voted on by the Swansea Board on Monday. The meeting is scheduled at 6 p.m. at the Swansea Government Building. If the ordinance passes, it will go in to effect on May 1.

It appears that a small number of individuals are pushing for a ban because of an isolated incident that occurred in a subdivision. The decision to change the ordinance was initiated by a petition signed by 33 Swansea residents.

If you don’t want 33 residents dictating what the other 9,000-plus residents do with their yard waste, you need to attend the meeting. If this ordinance passes, there will not be any burning allowed anywhere in Swansea unless you get a special permit. The current ordinance is working, why change it?

If you are against the no-burning ban, please reach out to your neighbors and friends and plan to attend the meeting. Three lame-duck trustees will be voting on this ban. We need a large turnout to stop this misuse of the public trust.

Robert L. McPeak