Letters to the Editor

Everything included but Scott

The BND headline on March 13 read, “Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti tours Scott.” The accompanying article mentioned that Sanguinetti had a four-hour tour of Scott Air Force Base. I actually read very little concerning that in the article.

Classic bait and switch? I guess there wasn’t anything compelling to speak about inside Scott’s perimeter fence, home of an economic engine that generates $3 billion annually and provides 13,000 jobs.

The bulk of the article was more focused on St. Clair County’s future economic development vision.

The lieutenant governor was interviewed in the MidAmerica Airport terminal (not on Scott). Did she notice that it was quiet as a tomb there with nary a single passenger in sight?

The article talked extensively about the proposed future home for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (not on Scott). That location looks a lot like just another cornfield to me.

Scott is not just a buzz word or bumper sticker. I hope she didn’t miss the forest for all the notional trees.

Bill Malec