Letters to the Editor

Leave religion out of it

For God’s sake (no pun intended), I wish people would please stop writing to the paper listing the ways they think that President Obama is not acting like a Christian. If they would read the Constitution (all of it) the same way they try to impress us as reading the Bible, they would understand that it is irrelevant and immaterial as to what he believes.

This is not a Christian country. Period. This is the United State of America, not Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan where they tell people to believe as they do or die. Here we are free to believe in God or not believe. Read just the First Amendment in Bill of Rights. Is the president Muslim? I don’t know and don’t care. He is not a religious leader. He is the executive of the United States, a government united in the belief of law, not religion.

None of our Founding Fathers were Christian. They were deists. They thought there probably was a God, but that he had nothing to do with life on earth and or the making of rules or laws. Thomas Jefferson, the author of many parts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was a deist.

Faith in God or Christ is a gift and not everyone has it. But regardless, it is not necessary for the administration of government based on civil and moral laws, not the Bible. This is a newspaper, not a religious instruction book, and the paper should not publish this as if it were.

Joseph M. Reichert