Letters to the Editor

Restore our foundation

The crime in Ferguson is not about race. It is about crime and order. The Justice Department leaders think they know everything. They stir up the works by interrupting. The Justice Department does not own this country.

Where are the business owners’ rights? Nothing has been said about their recovery. Others were helping. What about the Justice Department? No mention.

Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama interfered with the law. They all refuse to obey the law. These thugs took advantage. They know how to get their way. That is not Obama’s right to discriminate. Those three head the list as racists.

This kind of governing needs to be brought under control with God’s guidance. No one including Obama is above God. This is one nation under God.

I am just a little voice in the wilderness. Others need to be heard. No more trapping the people. Our right is freedom of speech.

Sneaking around behind a phone is not government. We have a right not to be trapped and trampled on. That is not government.

Stand up for this country. Believe in the people. Restore the foundation.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani knows where he stands. We are in need for a man with the wisdom and knowledge to work for the people. He should run for president. He is someone who would restore the title of president.

Betty Storll