Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton betrayed by Obama

Well, it looks like BND letter writers Frankie Seaberry, Michael Ray Dillier, Kevin Gagen and Jiim Walters’ raves about Hillary Clinton for 2016 may have just been destroyed. Not by the evil GOP but by their heroes President and Michelle Obama and Obama advisor Valerie Jarret.

A month ago Monica Lewinsky resurfaced. Someone notified papers and said it was OK to run down the Clintons. Next there were the pictures of Bill with teenage girls under his arm supplied by a pedophile billionaire. That Bill Clinton had been on his jet and private island outside the United States some 30 times in the last three years. Then there was the other billionaire who likes teenagers. Bill Clinton was with him on his jet more than 20 times. Next Hillary Clinton’s use of private email.

Before reading The New York Times and other articles, I thought for sure GOP investigators were digging up trash. To my surprise it was Jarret and the Obamas. They do not want Hillary Clinton to be president. The Obamas have the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and the State Department all running investigations on her.

This rates right up there with Brutus stabbing Caesar in the back. Welcome to the actions of our first black president and his Chicago politics.

Bob Dagner