Letters to the Editor

Is this the Iraq deal?

President Barack Obama promised to remove America’s presence from Iraq. After America’s withdrawal, Iraq began to fall into the hands of Syrian invaders who identify themselves as the Islamic State. While these barbarians were gobbling up Iraq, Obama stood firm in his refusal to permit an American return to Iraq.

It is hard to understand why an American president would fail to protect America’s blood and treasure investment in Iraq. Recent events, however, may shed some light upon Obama’s decision to withhold any meaningful American support from a struggling Iraq.

The dawn begins to break with the addition of another player and two other bits of information about that player. Iran has desired to gain control of Iraq for many years and Iranian military forces are now in Iraq fighting against the Islamic State.

Obama wants to make it appear as if he has compelled a very recalcitrant Iran to cease its nuclear weapons program. Iraq’s destiny has become intertwined with Iran because Obama desperately needs a powerful bargaining chip to improve his deal-making leverage with Iran.

Obama has no interest in the fate of Iraq. Iran, on the other hand, has been interested in annexing the entire nation of Iraq for decades. What would happen if, as an undisclosed part of an Iranian nuclear weapons deal, Obama agreed to allow Iran to acquire Iraq?

Would Obama’s promise to idly stand by as Iran consumes Iraq be sufficient to persuade Iran to delay its nuclear program for 10 years?

Chris Tabing