Letters to the Editor

Time for damage control

On May 02, 2011, President Obama informed the American people that Osama bin Laden had been successfully assassinated by U.S. Navy Seals. By my recollection, this is the first and last thing we were told by the president that turned out to be the truth, and it was only a half truth at that. The other half is that it took his Cabinet about five weeks to convince him to authorize this action. Why some people who still believe in him is beyond any form of logic. I guess they do have to be kicked in the teeth before they catch on.

My son and his middl- class family have medical insurance through his wife’s employer. Recently their premium tripled and their annual deductible went from zero to $10,000. Why? It is because U.S. senators passed a law so that they could find out what was in it. Now the only senators interested in reversing this disaster (now called Obamacare) are the newly elected Republican members of that chamber.

It’s said that statistics don’t lie, but statisticians do. The unemployment rates and economic recovery state are excellent examples of this. We are told that the number of people applying for unemployment insurance is down but not told how many people are still seeking employment but can’t find it. We were also told that the recession was over more than a year ago. That was a good one.

Will liberals ever catch on? Hey, Obama is lying to everyone, liberals, too.

Jim Bonnevier