Letters to the Editor

Bring in better jobs

Belleville residents will have an opportunity turn the page by bringing new blood and new ideas to city government. The old pattern of one new TIF after another will lead to chaos. Basing this city’s future on retail sales and service industry jobs won’t cut it.

A couple of months ago a representative of the Eckert family of Eckert Farms spoke at the hearing for the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows project. He stated that his family was doing well after Belleville gave them a million dollars. How are you doing, Belleville residents?

We need to bring manufacturing facilities and tech companies to Belleville that will pay a living wage. Belleville does look nice; however, if you’re looking for something other than a law office, a place to eat or a watering hole, you’ll be hard pressed to find that in downtown Belleville. Oh! I forgot Ben’s.

Vote, people. Only you can make a change.

William H. Bremen Sr.