Letters to the Editor

Say ‘no’ to Triad tax increase

Triad, like many schools, needs more money, and school officials want everyone to vote “yes” for a tax increase on April 7.

In January a 13-person committee – 13 people deeply involved with the school – put out a paper on what will happen if they can’t get money for the district. It’s what we always hear: reduction of bus routes, staff, art and music, after-school education activities and freshman sports. They even have a website, yes2triad.

Let’s not forget that Triad is a public school system and they are public employees who are unionized. The unions and elected officials have done an excellent job of ensuring that they will all get extravagant, gold-plated pensions all funded by the taxpayers. There is a great website, familytaxpayer.org, that everyone needs to look at and see what we are paying these people.

We send our children to school so they can get an education, not so a few students can play sports year round. The state has money but it is all tied up in the public employee pension plan.

Vote “no” on April 7.

Robert McAfee