Letters to the Editor

Voter fraud has happened in East St. Louis

As a reminder, “Five people, including the head of the East St. Louis Democratic Central Committee, were named today in a federal indictment alleging voter fraud in 2004. The indictment says the five took part in a conspiracy to pay voters for their votes in the Nov. 2, 2004, general election. Named in the indictment are Charles Powell Jr., head of the city’s Democratic committee, along with Jesse Lewis, Sheila Thomas and Kelvin Ellis, Democratic precinct committeemen, and Yvette Johnson, a precinct worker. Ronald J. Tenpas, U.S. Attorney for Southern Illinois, also announced that four people – Leroy Scott Jr., Lillie Nichols, Terrance Stith and Sandra Stith – had pleaded guilty to paying voters in the November 2004 general election at the direction of Powell.”

It’s delusional to think we have a fair and accurate election count with registered voters in East St. Louis. Even this paper has documented, as have others, multiple voters registered in abandoned houses and burned-out trailers. Also, why does it cost $300,000 plus a year, including a $100,000 plus contribution from St. Clair County, to manage about 8,000 voters? Where does this money go?

The fall election was more fair only because the Republican state party and Gov. Bruce Rauner paid for poll watchers to be at most polling locations and the count was closely monitored.

I’ve lived here 13 years and East St. Louis is not counted until all other precincts are counted. Isn’t that interesting?

Phil Henning