Letters to the Editor

Election complaints are zero

Does the uninformed, anonymous Sound-off caller who incorrectly identified me as defending the St. Clair County elite know how many election complaints were filed in East St. Louis during the last election? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

The caller should make himself available at any election in East St. Louis. He will see the presence of Republican and Democratic judges and registered poll watchers. If he stays around to see the vote counted, he will be in presence of the FBI, state representatives of the election commission, the judges, poll watchers, the candidates and the states’ attorney’s office.

The vote totals do not change between the count and the reporting. The count is audited, reconciled and posted.

As for a house with numerous registered voters: So what? People die, change names and move. This is more of a problem in O’Fallon and Mascoutah. But is the caller aware of how many voted from the address that listed 28 voters? Two – both registered, and both live at the address. Fully vetted and investigated.

Furthermore, I have never taken an order or written down anything Judge John Baricevic told me since our days in college.

Joseph N. English