Letters to the Editor

Hillary holds her secrets closer

So, the Clinton Machine is at it again. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes it is up to her to decide which emails belong to the U.S. government and which ones are of no interest to anyone including the average Joe whom she works for. She decides what is personal and private and what documents she deems important. Trust me is her message.

She said she used her private email rather than the government’s because she did not care to use two devices and opted for only one. Now, I’m no computer expert but I do know you can many addresses on one device. Madam Secretary’s husband, former President William J. Clinton, was once quoted, “A lot of presidential memoirs, they say, are dull and self-serving. I hope mine is interesting and self-serving.”

If by chance Hillary Clinton does run and win the office of president, I suspect her memoirs will be a bit sparser than her husband’s.

Corinne E. Stone