Letters to the Editor

Don’t ignore neglect

I want to thank the Belleville News-Democrat, Channel 4 News, family and friends of my sister, Juanita Simmons, for the love and concern shown in her tragic death. The only way to close these horrible (one-star) nursing facilities that neglect our loved ones is to do what people have all been doing on Facebook and in the news. We have to stop turning our heads and ignoring these situations thinking it will go away or get better; it only gets worse.

My sister is proof of this, dying a violent, useless death. My sister, Ruth, and I visited Juanita weekly; numerous times we found her with black eyes, bruises, stitches in her mouth and stabbed in the arm. We complained every week and were always told you aren’t the power of attorney. The week before she died she had a black eye and her face was bruised.

I called the state several times and only received one call back. Do you think if an eagle had been stabbed or hurt I would have had a call back? No, someone would have been arrested and not asked if they were the POA.

Loretta “Jean” Ulmer