Letters to the Editor

Bullying, not campaigning

Belleville Alderman Ken Kinsella appears to be campaigning harder than my opponent. Ward 1 residents received a letter attacking my voting record. Kinsella states that I’m too negative. I view my voting record as being responsible. The examples he used can be explained by two simple facts. One, we were not provided timely information to make an informed decision. Two, I believe our resources should be focused on crime and fixing our streets.

I’ve stated from the beginning that while I support parks, the people want their streets and sewers fixed first. Ward 1 streets and sewers are deplorable. I am proud to stand up and say no more parks until basic needs are addressed.

I, like other true independents, have voted “no” on the overall budgets because the mayor refuses to hold budget workshops between department heads and aldermen. The budget also fails to adequately fund crime prevention and infrastructure repairs.

The next time Kinsella wants to talk about people being negative, ask why he hung such a letter on my door. Attacking me when all I’ve been doing is representing the people is just plain bullying.

Lillian Schneider

Alderman at large

Candidate, Ward 1