Letters to the Editor

Take pride in appearance

This is for parents: If they have young men living in their home who walk around with their pants down and their underwear sticking out, this is on the parents. They should stop buying their clothes and letting them leave with their pants down and their underwear showing.

These young men keep talking about getting “no respect,” but they have to earn it. If my boys had tried wearing their pants like these kids are doing, I would have put them out. Parents need to teach children to take pride in how they look.

I hear young men say this is fashion statement. This is ridiculous, and young ladies don’t have to go out with guys with their underwear hanging out. It’s time for them to to straighten up and fly right. They should stop embarrassing themselves and the young ladies they are escorting.

Please take the pride back because if this is the future, we are in big trouble.

Robert Kirkland Jr.