Letters to the Editor

Disappointed, not surprised by campaign tactic

Good Government Party Alderman Ken Kinsella, Mayor Mark Eckert’s closest advisor, is distributing a flier in my neighborhood denigrating Alderwoman Lillian Schneider. The flier claims Schneider is too negative to serve on the City Council because she has voted “no” 34 more times than any other council member.

Well, how many times has Kinsella voted no? The answer is an astonishing zero. What kind of representation is that? He has never voted against anything proposed by the mayor’s administration.

First, voting “no” is OK; we do not live in a dictatorship. Second, the flier itself is 100 percent negative. I find it hard to fathom how one could pen such a negative letter against negativity. That is the definition of hypocrisy.

It also states such negativity is detrimental to City Council proceedings. While I agree the meetings do at times become out of hand, how do you think Schneider will feel about her fellow alderman after his distributing a flier that calls her “ the most negative alderman of all” and “too negative to represent Ward 1”? This negative and demeaning campaign tactic is the real problem.

Schneider votes no when she feels it is the right thing to do. While I do not agree with her 100 percent of the time, I respect her. She is a strong woman who deserves to be proud of the diligent effort she puts forth to serve our city.

Which is worse: Voting “yes” on everything, or voting “no” when you find it necessary?

Dallas Cook

City clerk