Letters to the Editor

Choose Elmore, a leader in Ward 7

Well, let’s not beat around the bush. I support Phil Elmore for Belleville Ward 7 alderman.

I want to explain why I support Phil and to respond to a letter to the editor from a couple of weeks ago. In the letter the writer seems to think having friends is a questionable act and I must say I totally disagree. As a lifelong resident of Belleville, I can say I proudly have both Republican and Democratic friends, and while I have never asked them for a loan, I still contend they are friends.

The writer, however, did prove a point I have been making since the Good Government Party dissolved and that we have a bunch of one-trick ponies running as independents, saying: Vote for me, I am not part of the old party. My concern is we will end up with gridlock when these independent aldermen forget that we don’t need aldermen who just say “no.” Instead our aldermen must lead and work with each other to meet the needs of our wards and the priorities of the city.

My other concern is two years from now Mayor Mark Eckert will come out and say running as independents did not work because of all of the fighting and he will bring back his good old boy party and it will be worse than before.

Phil has proven he can work with the old guard and the new independents, and that is what we need.

Steve Glauber