Letters to the Editor

With malice toward all

A legal term that describes the Obama administration agenda is malice aforethought: “A premeditated and deliberate commission of a criminal act with knowledge of its harmfulness or reckless indifference to its harmfulness and without justification or excuse.”

After President Obama proclaimed on Oct. 30, 2008: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America,” this Muslim-raised, communist-tutored imposter was given the enormous power of the presidency. Using his race as a shield, Obama abuses power as he transforms government into a criminal enterprise designed to tear out the Constitutional roots of our Christian nation.

The Fast and Furious investigation of administration operatives supplying guns to drug cartels remains stonewalled after border agents were murdered with these weapons.

The Benghazi, Libya, American Embassy was attacked and burned by Islamic terrorists after the Obama administration refused security requests. Obama operatives stopped a military rescue during attack in which four Americans were murdered. Ongoing investigation stonewalled as administration cover up continues.

Obama administration released five Islamic terrorists to trade for deserter U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who joined the enemy and converted to Islam. Six American soldiers die in a terrorist ambush as they searched for Bergdahl. Ongoing investigation stonewalled as administration cover up continues.

With our national security in shambles from open borders, a shrunken military and dangerous foreign policies, one must ask why this lawless regime has not been stopped. The answer lies with the Marxist, America-loathing liberals who support this despot and a cowardly Congress’ overriding fear that impeaching a dark-skinned president could hurt their political careers.

Ron Davinroy