Letters to the Editor

From bad to worse?

Michael Ray Dillier’s letter March 14, in which he lashed out at critics of his opinion, nearly made me laugh. It reminded me of Proverb 14:29 in the Bible that states: He who is slow to anger has great understanding. But he who is quick tempered exalts folly.

It can also be said: He who loses his temper should not go looking for it.

Dillier’s mention of Republicans voting against the interests of gays, immigrants and other minorities reminded me of what a Canadian said about American draft-dodgers in Canada: “We did not want your undesirables then or now.” It is nonetheless understandable how we Americans also do not want certain undesirable groups in our country.

I am not saying that the GOP is perfect or that all Republicans are angels, but at least they have not saddled us with our very worst presidents. Lyndon Johnson was our worst president until the whole world saw the dismal failure of the Jimmy Carter administration, both at home and abroad. (However, Carter was at least the better alternative to Ted Kennedy). No president ever embarrassed this country and disgraced his office as did Bill Clinton.

The Obama administration is a joke, but should Hillary Clinton become our next president we can expect nothing better for national leadership. Going from Obama to another Clinton would be going from bad to worse.

Frank B. Austin