Letters to the Editor

Stop the troublemakers

Some apartments in Sparta are not being managed fairly. Our manager shows favoritism toward certain individuals who live in these apartments because she is related to these individuals. She allows these individuals to remain here, even though they break the rules on an everyday basis.

My 84-year-old mother lives in fear over here and shouldn’t have to. She can’t even sit on her front porch without certain individuals making it their business to torment her. They are allowed to put a dent in her front door, bounce a basketball against her apartment and even look into her windows at night, scaring my mother half to death. These individuals even admitted to the manager what they did and the manager did nothing about it.

There is supposed to be a one-strike rule over here and what these individuals are doing should count as one strike and they should all be evicted, but since they are related to the manager they are allowed to stay here and continue bothering my mother, which isn’t right.

My mother and I don’t bother anyone, but we sure get bothered and we are considered the bad people. We were told if we don’t like it here we could move. Why should we have to move?

David Klingeman