Letters to the Editor

Democrats can't stand truth

BND letter writer Michael Ray Dillier gave us a list of people Republicans hate. So who do Democrats hate? Let’s see, there are Christians, anyone who opposes gay marriages, pro-lifers, anyone who criticized President Obama, police, military, anyone owning a gun, rich people (unless they are Democrats), Wall Street, Fox News, because Democrats can’t stand the truth, and middle-class Americans as evidenced by the fact that middle-class income has gone down since Obama became president.

Dillier acts like Democrats love poor people. I guess that’s true, they sure made enough of them since Obama had been president. Isn’t it strange Democrats like Dillier express such concern for minorities and poor people when they don’t like being around them? Most Democrats who write to this paper do not live in Centreville, East St. Louis, Fairmont City or even Ferguson, Mo. The ones I know live in well-to-do, primarily white neighborhoods in towns that are mostly white. At least letter writer Frankie Seaberry is not a hypocrite.

Leon Anderson