Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on SAT exam, surgeons, new city hall

Dollars for failing

Illinois’ new high school testing benchmark will be SAT exam scores to measure student performance. In an unusual move, Illinois Board of Education decided to set a higher testing standard requirement for student performance than required for college entrance. The only reason Illinois would set a higher performance mark than college entrance requirements is to increase the percentage of failing students. The high schools and politicians can then use the skewed statistics to call for more education money, raise your taxes, and hire more union teachers and superintendents.

Surgeon gap

It is wonderful that we have two new hospitals in O’Fallon and Shiloh. Building these hospitals has not attracted more specialty doctors. Currently the local hospitals have around 10 days monthly where no vascular surgeons are on-call at the local hospitals. This means that a patient with a ruptured aortic aneurysm must be transferred to a St. Louis hospital for care. I thought building new hospitals was supposed to keep patients in Illinois.

City hall costs

Belleville’s new city hall is going to cost more than they expected. Surprise, surprise. When has Belleville ever spent what they expected it would cost? When you’re spending other people’s money, I guess it’s easy to go over-budget.

Incompetents’ home

I couldn’t pass up celebrating the opening of Belleville’s new city hall. I wanted to see where my tax dollars went. I also wanted to shake the hands of the incompetent clowns who spent $5 million for the renovation. Twice the amount originally estimated, with $500,000 still to be spent. Shame that after spending millions on new digs, we have the same incompetent politicians wasting our money

Granny’s groceries

First time Illinois’s revenue from video gaming surpasses casinos. Seems video gaming is everywhere today. Now the retirees and other people don’t have to go to the boat to lose their money. They can stop off at Hucks. Ten dollars of gas and $50 in the slots. Why can’t the idiot politicians control spending instead of watching granny lose the money she needs for groceries in the slots?

Re-elect Rauner

Glad to hear Gov. Bruce Rauner is running again. He is the first governor in a very long time who has the courage to stand up against House Boss Mike Madigan and his buddies in the Illinois House. Madigan has too much power. State Rep. Jay Hoffman is bought and paid for by Mike Madigan. Gov. Rauner may not see this, but more and more Democrats are leaving the party out of sheer disgust. Way to go, Gov. Rauner. Let’s do it again.

Good old J.B.

You should check out J.B. Pritzker, one of the Democrats running for Illinois governor, on Wikipedia: venture capitalist, co-owner with his brother in Pritzker Group, estimated personal net worth of $3.4 billion. Comes from Pritzker family, one of the wealthiest families in the U.S. according to Forbes. 2008 National chair for Hillary also 2016 Obama. Keep reading, he is really just a plain, good old boy.

Bost’s pension

It seems Congressman Bost “prayed it out, and weighed it out” and decided to run for a third term. So much for the term limits he used to advocate. In fact, one of his new selling points is that seniority affords a lawmaker more influence with leadership, better committee assignments, and more knowledge about how to navigate the process. Let’s not forget that his pension doesn’t vest unless he is elected to a third term. Mark this as the moment the seeds of corruption and career-politicianhood were planted.

Tax the vets

The Illinois property tax exemption is too generous for some disabled veterans. A $2,500 and $5,000 reduction, depending on the VA rating, is fair. But a 100 percent reduction for those that are 70 percent and are able to work is too generous. A retired 0-4 rated at 70 percent with three dependents gets his retired pay, VA disability pay, gets job preference, as well as spousal job preference. This individual may work at Scott Air Force Base, is active, shows no sign of being physically or mentally impaired, pays $0 property taxes. Our schools need these tax dollars. Ted Farmer, keep at it.

Illinois dictatorship

The Illinois middle class has already forgotten the treatment it received under the Obama economy. Why do Illinois taxpayers accept the dictatorship, with no limits on overspending, from the administrative government in Springfield? Trump haters on the left and right are using taxpayer money to pay for the Obama library in Chicago. They should put their own money where their mouth is.

First, give respect

You can protest all you want, but if you want respect, you must first give respect.

Free rides

Attention MetroLink users: Smoking and vaping will soon be banned on the station platforms. Also, the Metro Transit system has no clue what fare riders are paying, if anything, when riding MetroLink. Anyone wonder why MetroLink is losing money? Surveyors will visit the 37 MetroLink stations over the next couple of weeks to ask you what fare you bought. So, for the next couple of weeks, buy a ticket. After Nov. 12, you can ride for free again. Considering the safety risks involved with riding MetroLink, I think ridership should be free.

For the middle class

After reading BND’s article about Illinois borrowing money to pay its bills, you have to wonder what type of clowns we elected. Madigan and his Democrats don’t have the maturity and mental fitness necessary to manage the state’s finances. Normal people wouldn’t allow their finances to get as far out of control as the Democratic state representatives have allowed. Do you honestly think these mentally challenged ignoramuses will be able to spend the 3 percent tax increase they gave you wisely? We already know the answer. Remember, all the Democrats are for the middle class.

Debtocrats fight

Gov. Rauner wants to make more than $200 million in cuts to Illinois’ new budget. Bet you could cut $500 million and still have $2 billion in waste. The Chicago “Debtocrats” are crying about the cruelty of it all. After all, these are the politicians who spent wildly to garner voters and put Illinois into severe indebtedness. Democrat Greg Harris stated it would cut refugee services, or as normal people call it, giving free stuff to illegals who don’t pay taxes. Don’t stop cutting, governor. Illinois is ripe with inefficiency and unproductive government workers.

Reliable partners

Isn’t it funny how things work out? I thought St. Louis was going to partner with the metro-east for the Amazon headquarters. Now we find out they’re going to partner with Kansas City and build some kind of wild train to get you to Kansas City in 20 minutes. In Illinois, we should build transport rooms like Star Trek. Beam me up, Scotty.

Listen local

I love Air Force bands. They always put on a great show. As a taxpayer, I have to wonder why the Air Force Concert Band and Singing Sergeants came all the way from Washington, D.C., to perform in Belleville when we have the excellent Air Force Band of MidAmerica just at few miles down the road at Scott Air Force Base.

Tax reform prosperity

Middle class families are in dire need of tax reform. With higher taxes on corporate America, it means less opportunity for middle class individuals to find work. Americans have seen firsthand what recession looks like, and that job security is not always that secure. With a shortage of jobs in the U.S., we have more people that are overqualified looking for positions. With tax reform, comes more opportunity for those people. President Trump has proposed a business tax cut. This is beneficial to middle-class families because cutting the business tax rate will level the playing field for American companies. Tax reform will make it more attractive for American businesses to create jobs here and return jobs to American soil. An estimated 95 percent of families would be able to do their taxes on a single page without having to keep records and paperwork to track numerous itemized deductions. This is “make the middle class prosper again.”

Stoplight, please

When will the BND print something about the Hillary/uranium scandal? Also, on Lebanon Route 50 and 4 section, at the bottom of the hill, they need to get a stoplight there.

Eavesdropping politician

Self-appointed spokeswoman for deceased Sgt. La David Johnson’s family, Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., was apparently there when his widow, Myeshia, took a condolence call from President Trump. She told the Washington Post that Trump “made her cry.” Under the circumstances, isn’t that kind of what would be expected? Wilson was quick to add her own political spin to what should have been an intimate and private moment.

Soldier’s death exploited

Florida’s Frederica Wilson is the perfect example of what’s wrong in America. Looking for her 15 minutes of fame, Wilson lied to politicize the death of a soldier who served our country honorably. Honorable is a word Wilson doesn’t comprehend, and Wilson demeans the deaths of all soldiers who have died serving our country. Frederica Wilson is the perfect example of an uneducated piece of despicable political trash. How can such a useless person get elected to congress?