Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on St. Elizabeth’s Hospital moving, Amazon’s new headquarters

A few bad apples

I understand and sympathize with Congressman Mike Bost’s position that there are security concerns surrounding holding public town hall meetings in light of the shooting in Virginia. Let us not forget, however, that Mr. Bost, Mr. Shimkus, and Mr. Davis’s refusal to hold public town halls predates that tragedy. The real reason is for fear of these left-wing splinter groups causing trouble. Why not treat it like a city hall meeting? Citizens can have an opportunity to be heard, but those who misbehave or act in a disruptive or disrespectful manner will be escorted out of the building. They can protest outside. Why should a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us?

Strike that

The Belleville Memorial Orthopedic and Neurosciences building will have to delete the “neurosciences” from the sign, since the last Belleville Memorial neurosurgeon, Chris Heffner, just retired. I thought expanding the local hospitals would maintain and bring additional specialists to the area. Guess again.

Dirty pancakes

I’m not surprised that the Belleville IHOP was closed down. I stopped going a long time ago because you could see a number of dead flies on the window sill. Filth, dirt, grease would be on the edges of the tables. The floors appeared to never be mopped.

Don’t let the door hit you

I don’t think much about St. Elizabeth’s hospital anymore. How much money did they receive from Belleville over the years in TIF money or other giveaways? The last time I was in St. Elizabeth’s, it couldn’t have been nicer. Have fun, O’Fallon.

Amazon here

St. Clair County, what was the plan that you submitted for Amazon? It’s been submitted, we should all know what it was. Hopefully, there was no money going away to encourage them to come here. I want Amazon here but I don’t want to give away 2 billion dollars to do so. I can’t believe I haven’t heard any politicians talking about this.

In a galaxy far, far away

Bruce Rauner’s political ad featuring the governors of our surrounding states is an all-time classic. If that doesn’t hit home with you, then you’re a gold-plated, Illinois government union classic yourself. Given we’re in the Halloween season, the add should feature Mad Mike being transformed into the “Chicago Cyborg.” More machine than man now, with Hoffman as “his young apprentice.” “Cross over to the Democrat dark-side. It is your destiny.” But the Republican resistance, while small, is strong and alive throughout the Illinois galaxy. May the force be with the Rauner resistance.

Chicago centric

Bruce Rauner is a Chicago billionaire republican who owes nothing to any state power-broker politician. His goals are to make Illinois competitive with surrounding states, relieve working-family taxpayers of ridiculous real estate tax burdens and reduce 7,000 units of government “necessity.” A Chicago billionaire democrat, J.B. Pritzker, wants your vote so Illinois can be shed of Rauner. J.B. has no vision for Illinois, only that which Mike Madigan allows him to have. If you think Madigan should run the state, and remember he couldn’t give two shoots about you rubes down south, then vote for J.B.

Demanding justice

Another slap on the wrist expected for Oliver Hamilton’s sister. She helped the community? Give these clowns jail time for a change. Taxpayers need our money’s worth. Demand justice.

Checking the books

Kudos to the BND on the article about the newest Hamilton debacle. I’ve closed all my accounts with the First Illinois Bank. People doing business like the Hamiltons were doing should have been recognized by the bank. Let’s hope the bank examiners and regulators check out First Illinois Bank for fraud.

Turning of the seasons

We only have two seasons in Illinois now: winter and construction. Doesn’t that make things so much simpler?

On order from the pharmacy

I read the article on the two metro-east nursing homes that were cited for violations. That’s terrible. In one, a poor person went 20 hours without pain medicine. I was recently in a nursing home in Lebanon. I had the same thing happen to me except their excuse was, “It’s on order from the pharmacy.” That means it won’t even come in until the next day if you’re lucky. These facilities charge $50,000 to $75,000.

Innocent until proven guilty

Why are so many people acquitted of criminal charges in St. Clair County? Either too many innocent people are being put on trial without enough evidence to convict them, or the prosecutors are incompetent, or both.

Township dollars

If you eliminate the useless layers of township government, how will the elected township politicians be able to steal the taxpayer’s money to enrich themselves and friends? If you eliminate the useless layers of township government, would the current politicians run a more effective and efficient government, or like Eckert did, just roll the same township waste into the Belleville budget? Let’s cut government waste and elect smarter people.

Gun laws

The Four Horsemen of the Bump-Stockalypse: State Representatives Jerry Costello, LaToya Greenwood, Jay Hoffman, and Katie Stuart voted against the ban on bump stocks (used by the Vegas shooter), as well as any other trigger device that accelerates rate of fire. The bill failed 48-54. Had they voted for the ban, it would have passed 52-50. They say the language was too broad, and would criminalize competition shooters and other legal gun owners who modify triggers or change a spring. Let’s not be so naive to think that politics isn’t complicated. I trust that they would have voted to ban bump stocks if they could have done so without hurting their constituent’s interests. Changing gun laws is a sensitive topic and can create enormous political backlash. Nevertheless, they owe it to the voters to sponsor a narrower bill that can pass.

Not surprised

Surprised that the highest tax rates in the metro-east are in East St Louis? East St. Louis has no tax base, so they raise the property taxes higher. Where do you think people like Hamilton and Greenwood get the money they so generously put in their own pockets. This is nothing new. Years ago, East St. Louis taxed all the industry out of the city, leaving lots of empty buildings. Now East St. Louis has less affluent people living in run down houses. The BND compared a $36,000 house in O’Fallon to one in East St. Louis. I doubt if a $36,000 house still stands in East St. Louis. If East St. Louis wants more police and fire fighters, their tax rates will continue to rise. Got to make sure Latoya Greenwood can be paid for holding four jobs and doing none of them well.

Illinois losing employees

The BND article says there are plenty of jobs in Illinois if you don’t mind low pay and minimal career advancement. Why have I worked in St. Louis most of my life? There are high paying jobs, chance for career advancement, and employee benefits you won’t find in Illinois. I don’t like the daily drive, but gas in Missouri is cheaper, too. Only industries in St. Clair and Madison counties are lawyers, political court house or city jobs, or hospital worker. If you know a politician, you can get a life-for-ever state job. If you have ambition or a desirable education, you work in St. Louis. If you make a good salary and want to keep more of it, you’ll want to live in St. Louis, given the 3.5 percent rise in Illinois tax rates. Illinois loses again.

Collegiate leadership is infuriating

SIU Carbondale saw its freshman enrollment drop by half in three years. Is the enrollment drop more alarming than SIUC blowing through their $80 million reserve fund and borrowing $30 million from SIUE? During this time, the number of college administrators and professors increased. Sounds like a Democratic roadmap for success? The situation at SIUC is beyond incompetence and borders on complete idiocy. Time for both SIU colleges to make major cuts in unnecessary administration and teaching personnel. Illinois taxpayers, prepare to have Madigan and his democrats bail out SIUC. Democrats will need every left wing vote they can muster next election. It’s simply infuriating.

Then and now

The comical hypocritical news media splash their front pages daily with news of another accuser claiming sexual advancements by someone. If you can take anything away from the news media accounts, the people in Hollywood are nothing more than millionaire horny toads. The news media glowed this week because Bill Clinton, the most famous sexual predator, comes to St. Louis. Seems Bill gets a pass from the media and society. The white house interns Bill accosted hold no relevance today, while 20-year-old allegations against Harvey Weinstein force him to resign from his company. Makes you wonder who are more screwed up in the head? The news media or the public that gives Bill Clinton a pass.

Seeking the Russian connection

Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for selling out the U.S. for $145 million in Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation and a $500K speech for Bill in Moscow. Thank you, Hillary, for giving the Russians 20 percent of Americas Strategic Uranium Reserves for money. Hillary is the Russian connection.

Dumping on President Trump

Two articles in a recent BND clearly showed the media’s unfair treatment of our president. In an article on U.S. consumer spending in September, the biggest gain in eight years, there was no mention of Trump. On the opposite page, in an article on Robert Mueller’s first indictments, there were 19 by-name mentions of Trump. Perhaps the press could learn from Catherine the Great who said: “I praise loudly. I blame softly.”