Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on gay judge, airport, church shootings

Crimes, not stripes

I’ve got news for the “Honorable” Ron Duebbert. No one cares that he’s a gay Republican. He says he is the target of a witch hunt led by powerful Democrats. These are the same Democrats that brought nine Democratic politicians up on charges last December. From Jo Ann Reed to Steve Wiggington to Mike Crockett to Kelvin Ellis, these individuals (all loyal Democrats) were accused of crimes and taken to task for their actions. He is not charged because he is a gay Republican. He is charged because there is evidence he committed crimes.

GOP victimization

The only difference between Judge Duebbert and any of the judges out there, especially Judge Kolker, is that Duebbert has an R behind his name for Republican and Kolker has a D for Democrat. That’s the only difference and that’s the reason why he’s being persecuted like he is.

Sunk lawsuit

About the Swansea school subsidence, the attorney is saying 15 years is too long a time to file a lawsuit. I’m not sure what the statute of limitations would be on a built-in defect in designing the original building. I read there’s only $750,000 allocated from insurance, if that’s a state requirement, that’s fine. However, that seems to be quite insufficient.

Cuts for Kern

It’s a sad commentary from the BND showing Republican Madison County’s budget includes money to increase public safety, while the St. Clair County budget includes wasting another $8.29 million on a loser airport. As a taxpayer, it sickens me the Democrats have been allowed to waste $89.4 million on Kern’s slush fund airport and not provide the tax monies necessary to support our crumbling public safety. But then, what does that say about the uninformed St. Clair County voters? Madison County made cuts in offices that were overstaffed with patronage jobs. Time to reduce the useless patronage jobs in St. Clair County and sell the airport.

Protecting flock

Hooray for the Sheepdog Seminars, the group that instructs churches how to defend themselves against psycho shooters. We all have seen pictures of Jesus, the good shepherd, with a big walking staff. I’m sure he might have used that staff to beat off any threat to his flock. Fight fire with fire.

Park asset giveaway

Is Derrick Keith a Collinsville Township trustee or a one-man crusader to get everyone out of the Collinsville Area Recreation District? It seems he’s more of the later these days. Before Keith gets carried away trying to shut down CARD, he needs to fully understand what he’s talking about. If CARD goes away, the debt still remains which has to be paid by the taxpayers he claims to be helping out. Watching his video of a township meeting and his social media quotes, he went from a radio DJ to CARD specialist in a very short time. As CARD discusses giving Maryville $3.3 million in assets in a special meeting on Monday, I hope they have approval from those carrying their debt. It doesn’t seem logical when they are $26 million in debt to be just giving assets away. I’m sure Keith has the answers.

Comic mayor

The Eckert joke on taxpayers continues to provide laugh after laugh. Did anyone really think the Hofbräuhaus was going to open this year? Evidently the other Eckert/Keller joke isn’t coming to fruition either. The grand million dollar home subdivision on Frank Scott Parkway is over two years late, so now they want to build an assisted care facility instead. At least Eckert already ran the sewer to the site. Of course the Eckert’s TIF clowns will approve it. None of them have a business brain in the group. Just donate to the Democrats and the TIF clowns will approve anything. How much will Eckert raise your taxes next year?

Comic union

Funny BND article by Roberta Lynch, AFSCME director, claiming union workers protect the vulnerable. The AFSCME union members are demanding a 29 percent raise, so naturally they have to justify such a large increase. Especially since they are already some of the highest paid state workers in the U.S. Instead of demanding more money, the union should explain exactly how they plan to save taxpayer money, maybe by being more productive and more efficient. Or how they plan to terminate the lazy and unqualified workers. Leave it to the union to demand more money from our broken, dying, insolvent state. The AFSCME has always been a cause of Illinois’ fiscal mess, never part of the solution.

Any tax fixes?

Illinois U.S. Sens. Durbin and Duckworth claim the House tax bill has “many harms.” These two Democrats come from the worst state in the union — riddled with debt and fiscal incompetence. If they want to see “many harms,” Durbin and Duckworth only need to look at the state they represent. Do they have any intelligent tax solutions of their own?

Democratic destruction

The retiring Cahokia School Superintendent believes the Democrats in Springfield have shorted his school district $14 million since 2011, while raising your property taxes. The question is, how many millions have the Springfield Democrats shorted every other school district? Is it any wonder your property taxes are setting national records? As school districts have to lay off workers and pinch pennies, the Springfield Democrats give themselves raises. Time to eliminate the Democrat problem in Illinois before they destroy everything decent in this state.

Poor protesters

It’s about time the Justice Department and FBI investigate the harsh and cruel treatment of the Jason Stockley protesters by the St. Louis Police Department. U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay is really on the ball. St. Louis will become the place to be for protesting. From now on, protesters have to have the right to destroy property, block traffic at will and invade shopping malls where decent people are spending an afternoon shopping. Thanks to the intellect of Rep. Lacy Clay, the men in blue can find something else to do.

Not so funny, Al

Imagine it was your wife, daughter or granddaughter having their breasts grabbed while sleeping by funny-man Democrat U.S. Sen. Al Franken. And posing for a sweet pic while doing it, just to rub it in her face. Democrat husbands, fathers and grandfathers, what do you say? Is an “ethics investigation” good enough for you?

What molestation?

Hey Al, we have photographs of you doing your “come in Tokyo” on a sleeping female soldier. Yet, Sens. Durbin and Duckworth are only calling for an ethics committee review of sexual predator Sen. Al Franken. Guess the Democrats, who gave the Sexual-Predator-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, a pass for rape, has a double standard for their sexual perverts. I would have thought Duckworth would have been particularly upset since Franken molested a female soldier.

Trail drive

On Sunday Nov. 19, while walking the beautiful Belleville West trail, we heard a car behind us. When I turned, there was an SUV and a truck coming from the grassy cross country trail onto the walking trail and cutting across the field on the south side of the high school and up to the stop sign. I couldn’t believe someone was using the grounds for a short cut. Then, here comes a Jeep and it does the exact same thing. How inconsiderate. There are homes bordering this trail. I think this needs to be looked into.

People kill people

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Bad people don’t obey gun laws, only good people obey gun laws. Would gun grabbers really be happy if guns in the hands were replaced by bombs in the hands of the bad?

Shots? Deer me!

I’m a resident of Swansea and I live off of Smelting Works Road. There are a lot of deer back here and people have a tendency to put corn out for them. It is so disheartening to hear the gun shots go off out here at 7:40 a.m. this morning. I was outside washing my dogs on Saturday morning and the gun shots are going off. Isn’t there some kind of law about this? That you can’t shoot?

Bright idea in Fairview

If the city of Fairview Heights can afford to spend millions of dollars on an unneeded and unwanted rec center, why can’t they put some money into replacing the incandescent light bulbs in the street lights? They grow a subtle yellow. Put incandescent lighting in to prevent home invasions and robberies in Fairview Heights. Something like what is currently in at the police stations and city hall. Brighter lighting means fewer break ins.


What’s the difference between “White Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter”? Aren’t they both racist?